Loretta's Business Card

Loretta's Business Card

Friday, April 11, 2014

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I have certification in macrobiotics cooking and teaching at the Strengthening Health Institute of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2006 run by Denny Waxman, a renowned teacher and counselor and Susan Waxman, head chef.

            Butternut Squash Pureed Soup

My active role in the macrobiotic community is to assist Denny Waxman in his counseling sessions by scribing, note taking the recommendations prescribed for his clients. I also host on opening nights of the introductory Intensive Programs and the Comprehensive Certificate Program seminars.

                   Pinto Beans & Mustard greens in olive oil and cut apples

In I’m Hot You’re Hot, I share my love of food with simple flavors and bursts of vibrant colors that look as beautiful on the plate as they are delicious. I incorporate this passion in my recipes with the understanding that eating and sexual desires are an intertwined relationship. Nourishment and energy is necessary to our well-being; the greater they are, the stronger our sexual desires. With acknowledgement of vitality as the key and with the help of a romantic atmosphere and whole foods dining, I set the stage for the celebrating lovers to let the magic begin.

  Parsnip, sweet potato, and Japanese Yam with pecans and rice syrup

In addition, I do  lectures on the benefits of eating whole foods at the Free Library Branches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I also do group lectures like the one I have done at a woman’s forum at St. Joseph’s University. At home I teach macrobiotic philosophy and macrobiotic cooking. 

I am also a life coach doing lectures on creative visualization and relaxation techniques. 

If you are interested in individual or group workshops/lectures, you can reach me at this email address:


My book and e-book can be purchased on Amazon.com,  or your own favorite online publisher.

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