Loretta's Business Card

Loretta's Business Card

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quote of the Day 7/27/14

                                 How grateful I am to create colorful and refreshing dishes with you.

Dear Lovers,

Radicchio is a white ribbed, wine red leaf chicory sometimes known as Italian chicory.  It has a bitter and spicy taste.
The deep-red radicchio of today was engineered in 1860 by the Belgian agronomist, Francesco Van den Borre, who used a technique of blanching to create the dark red, white veined leaves.  Radicchio plants were taken from the ground and placed in darkened sheds, where lack of light and inhibition of chlorophyll production cause the plants to lose their green pigmentation. 

Some of the health benefits of radicchio are:  high in antioxidants, improves digestion, excellent source of Vitamin K promoting healthy bones and creates mental sharpness.  Radicchio is of the water element signifying flexibility and sexual vitality.  It is also been reported to nourish our adventurous side. How fun is that!


Radicchio Salad with Fennel Pear  Orange Slices and Pecans

1     cup mesclun salad mix, torn into bite-sized pieces
1     cup radicchio, torn into bite-sized pieces
1/2  cup fennel, chopped
1/2  cup ripe Bosc pear, chopped
1/2  cup naval orange slices
1     cup pecans, chopped
1/2  cup lemon balm (herb) chopped, cilantro optional
2     tablespoons of white wine or mirin (rice wine)
3     tablespoons olive oil


Combine mesclun, radicchio, fennel,pear, orange,pecans and lemon balm into a large bowl. Pour vinegar into a small bowl and gradually whisk the oil.  Toss the lettuce with the vinaigrette mixture.  Serve chilled.


                          A Special Note of Interest

On July 17, 2014,  I did a book launch At the Rhythm & Verse:  A Literary and Music Salon at the Daily Grind Cafe in Jenkintown, Pa.  I am proud to say I received a favorable review by Joanne Leva co-host of the event.  The review read:

Dear Loretta, 

With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks for being the featured writer at the Rhythm and Verse Salon on Thursday, July 17, 2014, and for bringing those yummy treats!  Your talk was fascinating.  Your poetry was smart and the subject matter was captivating!
With highest regards,

                        Joanne Leva



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  1. Enjoy your refreshing salad while reaping its magnificent benefits!